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Network Servers / Server Thread: Semi (Semi-Vanilla)
Server Name: Semi
Difficulty: Medium
On-line: Yes
Regions: Portal/spawn area only
Worldgen: Default


Players on the Semi server can talk to people peeking in on the Semi Dynmap by typing the /l command at the beginning of their message.

"Semi-vanilla" server. This means the only special commands available to players that modify their abilities are:

/spawn - teleport to spawn

/sethome - sets your home

/home - teleport home.

Additionally, LWC is installed as a simple block protection mod. It can protect iron doors, iron trapdoors, chests and furnaces. By default when you make these they will become private, but you can specifically make them public by typing:

/cremove and clicking on the item, which shall now make it a regular item


/cpublic and clicking on the item, this way other people can't set a lock on it.


you can always make it private again with /cremove then /cprivate

To allow a protected chest to work with hoppers, you will need to use

/chopper on
Minecraft / And 1.9 is out
Spigot, Bungeecord, et. al have all had releases.

I've upgraded the Bungeecord server. Will start working on a 1.9 server later tonight or tomorrow.
Introductions / Re: Hello!
Sneaky editses.

Right now we only have a couple of creative servers, but the modpack discussion is going on here if you are interested. It will probably be a month or so before 1.9 has a good spigot release. : /
Network Servers / Re: Post your minecraft username here for whitelisting!
My Username Is "Tropical_Yoshi" without the "".

I hope I can find an ocean with an island right away, I got on a survival server before and had to look for 3 hours with a friend, and even then I didn't find one. ;-;

Added! You should now be able to join.

Survival server not up yet. : / Plan was to wait until 1.9 was released and interest waned in the meantime. However with PR1 getting released this morning it should not be too long before Spigot has a release >_>

Introductions / Re: Hello!

Pre-approved you since you're from GP and all, but please review this thread - thank you!

Forgot to restart the Minecraft servers after the reboot, so am updating things and getting them back on-line >_>