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Minecraft / Re: The End
That was fixed before the server even launched >_>
Minecraft / Re: The End
If you beat the end, lemme know. I'll give you an egg.

When people are ready, I'll set a weekly script to reset the End appropriately.
Tutorials and Tricks / Simple stationary turtle attack script
Code: [Select]
while true do
  while not redstone.getInput("back") do
    while turtle.suck() do
    for i=1,16 do
      if turtle.getItemCount(i) > 0

Pastebin url

Fairly straightforward

Turtle attacks, checks for drops, sends anything it finds to the chest below it, repeat. If it receives a redstone signal to its back, it stops.

To grab, run

pastebin get StUi0XXz assault

or to boot on server reboot

pastebin get StUi0XXz startup

Then run the resulting command.

Note that case matters for the StUi0XXz part.
Server: Fullbeast / Mystcraft World Registration Center
If you create a world, please list it in this thread, along with the name of the age if any. I've listed most of them as I could find them/recognize bases.

If a world can be deleted, also note it in this thread. Be sure to destroy all linking books to said age first

"Dimenison -1" - The Nether

"Dimension 1" - The End

Age 2: Fttrunks
Age 3: ZameRagues
Age 4: Ritsu - FireBreathAle
Age 5: Ritsu - FireBreathAle
Age 6: Ritsu - FireBreathAle - Dying a purple death.

"Dimension 7" - Twilight Forest

Age 8: Zameragues
Age 9: ZameRagues
Age 10: "Mushroom Hell" by Vekseid
Age 11: Xeriar
Age 12: Xeriar
Age 13: Zameragues
Age 14: Zameragues
Age 15: Zameragues

Age 16: ???
Age 17: Ritsu - FireBreathAle
Age 18: Zameragues
Age 19: Zameragues
Age 20: Zameragues
Age 21: Xeriar
Age 22: Calison
Age 23: Slywyn
Age 24: Slywyn
Age 25: Slywyn

Age 26: Kazyth
Age 27: Slywyn
Age 28: Kazyth
Age 29: ???
Age 30: Void 1 by ZameRagues
Age 31: Void 2 by ZameRagues
Age 32: Void 3 by ZameRagues

Age 33: Void 4 by ZameRagues
Age 34: Rogue - Kana1991
Age 35: Rogue - Kana1991
Age 36: Rogue - Kana1991
Age 37: Rogue - Kana1991

Age 38: Rogue - Kana1991
Age 39: Rogue - Kana1991
Age 40: Rogue - Kana1991
Age 41: Rogue - Kana1991
Age 42: Calison
Age 43: Calison
Age 44: Kazyth
Age 45: Kazyth
Age 46: Kazyth
Age 47: Kazyth
Age 48: Calison

Age 49: Calison
Age 50: EsotericMyobi
Age 51: EsotericMyobi
Age 52: EsotericMyobi
Age 53: EsotericMyobi
Age 54: EsotericMyobi
Age 55: Calison
Age 56: Kazyth
Age 57: Kazyth
Age 58: ???
Age 59: Calison
Age 60: ???
Age 61: Darwishi - NarcoleptiCheeta
Age 62: Darwishi - NarcoleptiCheeta
Age 63: Darwishi - NarcoleptiCheeta

Age 64: Darwishi - NarcoleptiCheeta
Age 65: Calison
Age 66: Calison
Minecraft / Allowing Non-Elliquiy members in?
What are people's thoughts on this?

My own personal opinion is that if someone gets invited here and vouched for, I'm fine with it - but I don't want to make current players uncomfortable.

After getting everyone's input, we have reached the following consensus:

1) A non-E member would need to be vouched for by an E member and
2) the non-E member must go through some sort of application process similar to Elliquiy to ascertain they are 18+

Non-E members hoping to join the FTB server must fill out this questionnaire.
Introductions / Hello and Welcome!
I got flak for not going through the new introduction process on E as Vekseid per se, but here, really, all we're looking for is proof of humanity. Say something silly or otherwise all-around act like a not computer program. : )