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Video editing question

Given that I have no money to spend on fancy software (I have a copy of CyberDirector, and the tools available on YouTube, and that's it), is it possible to record a short title clip and then 'paste' it on to the beginning of each episode of a series?  I'm thinking a simple atmospheric pan with the title of the series fading in.  Or even just cutting in as a text box (I've figured this bit out with the YouTubes).
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Re: Video editing question

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Are you asking about video alpha transparency? I know Cyberdirector doesn't support that even in the newer versions...

Re: Video editing question

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If you just want an intro clip done for each video, then yes. What you want sounds relatively simple.

You could just record something on Minecraft with Minecraft's cinematic setting to get that slow/atmospheric camera pan. Fiddle with that bit of video until you're happy with it by adding music of preference, fade in/out if you want, and title text effect then produce it.

Now you can easily copy/paste that completed intro into the beginning of each of your videos.

Re: Video editing question

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I'm just talking about making a 5-10 second clip that can be pasteded on yey to the beginning and/or end of a video.  The making of the clip isn't what I'm unsure about.  I'm thinking of turning off the inventory bar, going into creative [for safety reasons in one case] and just doing a slow scan of the landscape.  Not even too picky about 'fading in' text.  I've just never tried to combine two bits of video together.
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Re: Video editing question

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Well in Cyberlink Powerdirector you just put one video at the beginning, and another on the next track and use fade out.

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Ah, good.  I was hoping it was something that stupid-easy.  Until now, I admit that my uploads have been pretty much raw.  Annotations were even a new thing for me.  It's been the video equivalent of messing around in Notepad but having desktop publishing images in my head.  Luckily, having a few stupid-easy realizations - like this and annotations - tends to make me more willing to start pushing my own limits.

(I have just discovered  I may have just become dangerous.)

Edit:  I have indeed become dangerous.  I've managed to come up with a seven second intro that captures exactly the mood I was going for, added the right sound, and blurred in a title still.

This more than makes up for me locking myself out of my base the other day.  >_>;;;
I am not a number.  I am a random variable!