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Arena Character Creation Rules: Solars

To begin, I would like people to make straight, by-the-book Solar characters.

No house rules but for the following:

Permitted Supernatural Merits:

You can have up to five dots of the following:

  • Claws/Fangs/Hooves/Horns at the one-dot level only.
  • Enhanced Sense Sight or hearing only.
  • Extra Limbs Arms only
  • Tail Either version.
  • Unusual Hide If you take Giant, you may purchase one dot of this (representing additional mass / thick skin, etc.).
  • Wings Gliding only.

The idea here is that characters still look mostly human. Mostly.


Whatever resources level you purchase, you may have a single item one dot over your resources rating.

If you can make the item in question, your effective resources for that item is increased by (Your craft pool) / 5

Once you have made a character, post a thread with your character, and a rough weekly schedule of when you can be available. Hopefully we'll get enough people interested in this to get some familiarity with this.

Thank you for participating, everyone, and don't forget to play with the dieroller. : )