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A Holiday/Year-End Present

Hey everyone~

As some of you may know, Veks and I have both been fairly preoccupied with our own lives lately due to various circumstances. (Thus the utter lack of updates and activity on this forum, unfortunately.) However, things have finally been settling down and we've been working away at setting up the Semi server on and off over the past few months during what little downtime we've had.

I know quite a few of you have been patiently waiting for the creation of the survival server(s). So here I am, sincerely apologizing on the one hand for the long, long wait, while also thanking you for being so good about the poking and patience. On the other hand...

It's been a long time coming, but:

The 1.11.2 Semi-Vanilla Survival Server is finally LIVE!!!

...and ready for you all to mar decimate strip bare build glorious monuments to your Minecraft god/dess things on at your leisure!!!

Take this as a holiday/year-end present from the both of us. :)

As per usual, if you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to me. (IM info can be found in my siggy, or simply PM me.) If I'm unavailable, you can also poke our ever-helpful mods: OniyaEden and Nighty.

Play nice and happy mining/building~! ;D

Re: A Holiday/Year-End Present

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By the way, for all the E folks here, feel free to invite your non-E Minecraft friends (aged 17+) as well. They just need to register on this forum first, create an Introduction Thread and once approved, post their Minecraft username here in order to get whitelisted onto the server. :)