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Ontan's Ordinary Outline

Welcome to my dry, dry introduction thread. Please note that the previous sentence was not punctuated with a needless exclamation mark.

There will be no jokes or embellishment of any kind in this post. The recommended theme song for this thread is the sound of nearby office workers typing, with no conversation or merriment of any description. If you find yourself growing thirsty whilst reading, a glass of tepid tap water served in a plain glass will nicely compliment the reading below.

1) You've read the rules and what you think of them.
They all look perfectly sensible, with nothing particular oppressive.

2) How you got here - if you're directly from Elliquiy or someone referred you, for example.
Directly from the E forums.

3) If you are not from a place that already does age verification, confirmation that you are at least seventeen years of age.

4) If you want in on the Minecraft network, you'll want to post your username after your approval

Minecraft: frozen_chips
E forums: Ontan

5) A declaration that you are in fact a human being - or at least sapient enough to provide meaningful interaction. Really, the above will suffice, if you're feeling particularly dull.
Yes, I’m human. There will be no frivolous jokes to the contrary.


Re: Ontan's Ordinary Outline

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Will do - much obliged.