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Just wondering if any of you happen to use Discord. I know a handful of you do and I was thinking that it might be fun/convenient to have everyone in a server together. This way it may be easier for people to chat and coordinate playing games together (Minecraft or otherwise) when we can easily see who's online and around to poke. :)

If you're interested, let me know and I'll PM you a server link. ^^

Re: Discord?

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Personally prefer Mumble for chitchatting.
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Re: Discord?

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Discord has voice chat function but it also works generally as an IM service. It's also quite versatile since it can be used in browser if you choose not to download the program.

I personally like how easily new channels (both voice or text) can be created. Plus, the chat history and search functions are quite nice. Though this strays from general gaming aspects and more into how I use Discord in general to plan things with friends and I like to keep things organized >.>;

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I'm happy sticking with Mumble, mostly because it means I don't need to download another program and learn to use new things and stuffs.  Is teh lazy and set in his way

That said, if the majority wants to switch to a discord platform I'll follow along because I won't miss out on the opportunity like the other day when Cheeta and I were in the End having heart attacks.

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That WAS pretty awesome.  As for Discord, does that mean we'd have a server purely for World Unbent stuff?  I could see the advantages of that over Mumble, since it's a public server and all. ^_^

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Yes, that can easily be done. There could be a separate text and voice channel for World Unbent/Minecraft only.

I think this might be a better way to explain why I think Discord is so nifty (and I'm sure others who use it will agree) so I'll just compare/contrast it with some other programs:

  • Has voice chat if the game has that feature
  • Does not have video chat
  • Has a limited chat history
    • Shows latest messages and a small amount of history. If too much time passes, there is no history.
  • Does not allow for creation of a group chat
    • However, you can create a group "page" which is similar to a discussion board
    • Downside: No notifications. So posts typically go unseen.
Skype/Facebook Messenger/Hangouts (Google-chat):
  • Has voice chat
    • Voice chat does not allow for voice-activation or push-to-talk options
  • Has video chat
  • Has a full chat history
  • Allows for creation of a group chat
    • Does not allow for further customization of the group chat
  • Has voice chat
    • Has voice-activation and push-to-talk options
  • Does not have video chat
  • Has limited chat history
    • Even more limited than Steam's chat history. Once you leave a channel in Mumble, you no longer see the last messages upon logging back in.
  • Allows for creation of sub-channels
  • Has voice chat
    • Has voice-activation and push-to-talk options
  • Does not have video chat
  • Has a complete chat history
    • Allows for creation of multiple text-based channels
  • Allows for creation of sub-channels
    • Perk: You can type in any of the text-channels without leaving a voice-channel since they are each their own channels.
  • Other Random Things I Like:
    • It shows the name of the game you're playing under your username. You can turn off this setting, but I thought it was a nice touch since then others can easily see and possibly join in on the same game knowing that someone else is already online.
    • Similar to Steam, Skype, FB and Hangouts, you can download Discord on your phone for easy access anywhere.
    • Discord can also be used directly on a browser if you'd prefer not to download the program. I believe Steam, FB and Hangouts also allow this.

Obviously this list may not be entirely accurate as some of these programs I haven't used in quite a while so my knowledge is possibly outdated. (If anyone here is familiar with them and spots a mistake, feel free to point it out.) And I completely understand that people are happily comfortable using what they're familiar with, I'm not pushing to change that. :)

But if you're even slightly curious, you should totally give Discord a try. I think the program is superior to the rest and the best way to see what I mean is to try it yourself. It doesn't even require you to make an account to try.

A handful of us are already on the Discord channel and of course, it's an open invitation to join in when you want. ^^

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I really like Discord. It's a Slack-like chat app (for those that use Slack at work) that has pretty good voice capabilities and seems to be properly cross platform. I run it on macOS and iOS with no difficulties, and you can persist in the text chat channel(s) across devices without having to be on voice to get notifications of stuffs going on.

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I am also on Discord. I find it a lot more manageable then mumble, and skype. The chat history is considerably better in my opinion. The ability to also use Discord through a browser is great for those who either want to test it out or simply not install another communication app.

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I also use Discord and I think it's very easy to use and helpful for lots of things, as others have already pointed out. I'd be happy to join the server if someone sends me a link, I'm quite active on it.
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Of all the programs I have used, Discord has been the least obtrusive and easiest to use.

-Skype turned itself into an app which I just, did not like, and was always SUPER intensive for no reason.

-Mumble/Teamspeak/etc is dated, and feels it with how the interface works and general functionality.

-Facebook is awkward for game chat, and the lack of voice communication makes it basically useless for games.

-Curse is the other option but it also eats a lot of memory for no reason.