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October -- Building Game

Map Info

The Building Game is a game that should appeal to all the creative Minecraft lovers, but should be fun for everyone!

Similar to Pictionary, players write down a prompt and the other players will attempt to build it. By the end of three rounds, we can compare the last guess to the original prompt. How many prompts will make it through to the end?

This map is played in creative mode, so let your imaginations run wild as you make use of Vanilla Minecraft to its fullest.

Server Info

Do not use the FTB launcher! This map should be launched with Vanilla Minecraft using the 1.6.4 release.

Server IP:

You will be whitelisted to the server shortly before the event begins.

If you plan to use Mumble, please have it installed and working before the event begins! If you have not been added to the Elliquiy Mumble's approved list, Veks can do so shortly before the event.

For those of you who do not have the Elliquiy Mumble info:

Label: Name your Mumble server whatever you want
Port: 64738
Username: Your ELLIQUIY username
Password: iamover18

Note: If you are interested and would like to participate, please post in this thread! Do not IM me as it can get rather confusing and I may lose messages if that particular IM program does not have chat history. It's a lot easier for me to just go through the thread. Thank you!

We will begin playing at 9 pm EST. If all players have not assembled on Mumble by the assigned time, I will wait an extra ten minutes before starting the map.

In order to play, we need a total of 7 players! As usual, spectators are welcome.

Please vote as to which day you would prefer to play. Voting ends on Wednesday, October 8. You may only vote once, however, you can change your vote if needed.

Note: As this month is October, we'll be playing with the following theme in mind!

All things spooky, scary and/or crawly
And of course, tricks or treats!

Re: October -- Building Game

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I should be able to show up for any of the listed days, and I voted :D

Re: October -- Building Game

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I'll be out of town from Oct 10th until Oct 19th so the 9th works best for me but thats just me...  Either way it goes it sounds like fun!

Re: October -- Building Game

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Yay, Building Game!   Everyone should do this--it's lots of fun!

Re: October -- Building Game

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So, it looks like only 5 people voted on the Building Game dates, but I'm hoping that there are at least 7 people interested in playing (as the map requires 7 people to play, although more are welcome to spectate).

Unfortunately, I have an event to attend tomorrow evening but after checking the program, I should be able to be home around 10 pm EST. If there are enough people interested in playing (7 people minimum!) then I will go ahead and host the October Building Game event tomorrow night starting at 10 pm EST -- hopefully. Of course, if I'm running late, I'll be poking the threads with updates as usual.

Re: October -- Building Game

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Ah, I didn't get a notification about this, or else I would have voted on it. ^^; I have work tomorrow, but there's a good chance I'll be able to make the 10 pm starting time, so you should be able to count me in.

Re: October -- Building Game

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So, going off of the replies so far, I'm assuming that the following people will be playing:

- Myobi
- Nighty
- Josi
- Remi
- Kuno

We would still need another 2 people, otherwise we wouldn't be able to play.

Re: October -- Building Game

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I have to cook as soon as I get home but I'll be able to play. :)

Re: October -- Building Game

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Unfortunately, I can't make it tonight.  If you're planning on doing it this weekend, though, I should be able to make that.

Re: October -- Building Game

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I'm scheduled to work from 1:00 pm to 9:30 pm EST tomorrow evening, and might not wind up making it in until some time after 10:00 pm. ^^; If this does get started tomorrow evening, though, and it's still going on when I get home, I'd love to join in on some of the later rounds.

Re: October -- Building Game

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As long as nothing bad happens to me I should still be able to make it today :D

Re: October -- Building Game

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I might be able to play depending on time, though I may also need to pop off suddenly.  :(

That was fun, Myobi!  Thanks again for hosting.  Alas, I didn't get a screenshot of you milking the mooshrum...  ;D

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