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Gondor Primulon!

1) I have read the rules and I think they're fair, as usual!
2) Well as someone that is using their same screen name from Elliquiy, yes, I am from Elliquiy and that is how I got here.  ;D
3) I am at least 17 years of age, as answer #2 confirms.
4) I definitely plan to do so! That's what attracted me here in the first place!
5) Greetings humans, I am sorry to inform you that I am not of your puny race. To lump me in with you p'tahks is a serious insult to my person, as I identify as Klingon! (Just kidding, I'm totally human and I don't bite to much.  ::) )

Re: Gondor Primulon!

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Thank you! And yus, masta'! :P