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Hi! Checking this place out, and ElkArte in general. >.>

I’ve read the rules and I think that they are reasonable and fair. I have no issues with them. I’m from Elliquiy and may or may not have gotten here through a link I found there. >.> Totes 17+. If I ever install Minecraft again and you guys are still playing, it’d be cool to be able to join a server with E folks. :D I get easily freaked out by monsters and creepers though, they are my nightmare and make me scream horrifically.

I do solemnly swear that I am up to no good not a robot.

One important question: Where are the nommables?

P.S. I really like these shiny buttons up there. I want to press all of them, but that might be overkill in experimentation for an Introduction post... :))