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Forum Rules and Introducing Yourself

The rules here will be familiar to most Elliquiy members, with the exception that this is not an adult site. I set this forum up specifically because I need to escape from that, for my own mental health as well as having some place that people will be fine with me linking to from wherever.

  • Report harassment and otherwise creepy or disturbing behavior to staff. Member safety is our top priority This includes requests for personally identifying information, soliciting money in private, and so on. Please keep in mind that if someone harasses you, they may harass others - we would much rather catch and eject such people quickly.
  • Be polite, be civil, be respectful. Just because something is not expressly forbidden, does not mean that we will tolerate it. If you are constantly rude, inconsiderate, or otherwise act like a jerk, we will smack your privileges around until you get the hint and behave. If you cannot, you will be directed elsewhere.
  • You must be over seventeen years of age to be approved. This isn't an adult site, but we're all mature individuals and want to interact with such.
  • No sexual roleplay, erotic pictures, or other adult content on these forums. I run the world's two largest forums for this: the Blue Moon Roleplaying Forums and the Elliquiy Adult Role Playing Forums (both sites not safe for work, obviously), in addition to hosting a number of smaller forums besides. Get your fix there please. : ) Linking to adult material is fine as long as it is appropriately tagged - NSFW, explicit, or something otherwise clear
  • This server is governed by the laws of the United States. You will not link to or provide warez, illegal pdfs or mp3s, and so on. Threats will be dealt with accordingly.
  • One person per account, one account per person. Do not share your account with others, please do not sign up under multiple accounts.
  • Do not reveal identifiable details about another person on these boards.
  • Do not deceive. We do not appreciate deceptive tactics for people to pull their hijinks - for intention, relationships, or whatever. We are not talking about most April fool's pranks or telling the creepy guy you live on the wrong side of the planet, but do not perpetuate harmful illusions.
  • Legends of a World Unbent is not a mental health institution. If your issues are such that you continually disrupt the social fabric of the site, you may also be asked to leave.
  • The privileges you are granted here are privileges, treat them accordingly. This includes, but is not limited to, deleting posts, editing posts, private messages, and the shoutbox.
  • Other individual parts of the site may have their own rules. Please review and respect them.

For your introduction, please answer the following questions:

1) If you've read the rules and what you think of them.
2) How you got here - if you're directly from Elliquiy or someone referred you, for example.
3) If you are not from a place that already does age verification, confirmation that you are at least seventeen years of age.
4) If you want in on the Minecraft network, you'll want to post your username after your approval
5) A declaration that you are in fact a human being - or at least sapient enough to provide meaningful interaction. Really, the above will suffice, if you're feeling particularly dull.

For the most part, I'm all for a care-free atmosphere - this site is not big enough and will probably never get big enough to require much structure - though I'd be happy to be surprised.