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Minecraft / Servers back online, apologies
The touchscreen holograms are currently broken, so you'll have to use the /server command until something gets figured out.
Network Servers / Server Thread: Semi (Semi-Vanilla)
Server Name: Semi
Difficulty: Medium
On-line: Yes
Regions: Portal/spawn area only
Worldgen: Default


Players on the Semi server can talk to people peeking in on the Semi Dynmap by typing the /l command at the beginning of their message.

"Semi-vanilla" server. This means the only special commands available to players that modify their abilities are:

/spawn - teleport to spawn

/sethome - sets your home

/home - teleport home.

Additionally, LWC is installed as a simple block protection mod. It can protect iron doors, iron trapdoors, chests and furnaces. By default when you make these they will become private, but you can specifically make them public by typing:

/cremove and clicking on the item, which shall now make it a regular item


/cpublic and clicking on the item, this way other people can't set a lock on it.


you can always make it private again with /cremove then /cprivate

To allow a protected chest to work with hoppers, you will need to use

/chopper on
Minecraft / And 1.9 is out
Spigot, Bungeecord, et. al have all had releases.

I've upgraded the Bungeecord server. Will start working on a 1.9 server later tonight or tomorrow.
Campaign - House Rules and Character Creation / Mortal Martial Arts (Still WIP)
I don't like the 'no more mortal martial artists using Charms' bit, personally. It should be painful but not impossible.

Centering Ritual (•••••)—Purchased
Prerequisites: •••• in both the respective Martial Arts style, and the Ability associated with the Centering ritual.

The Exalted are blessed with fungible Essence, but mortals are not so gifted. Harmonizing rituals, known as Centering rituals, must be performed each day in order to permit a stylist to gain the ability to learn and access that style's Charms, up to the Form Charm, and a small Essence pool with which to wield them. Any Terrestrial penalties also apply to mortal practitioners.

Each Style has its own unique Centering Ritual, which must be purchased separately. Unless a mortal stylist is Centered to a Style, she has no access to that Style's Charms - as if she had never learned them. A mortal martial artist only benefits from Voice of the Night Bird while Centered to Nightingale Style, for example. In the exceedingly rare cases of mortals who know more than one Centering Ritual, they may only benefit from one Ritual at a time - and thus only have access to that Style's Charms.

Centering Rituals require one hour to perform, requiring an appropriate (Attribute + Ability) roll, with a difficulty specified by the Style. On success, the stylist becomes Centered to the associated Style for the next full day, gaining the ability to access that Style's charms and a small peripheral Essence pool of (4 + Willpower) motes, plus another four motes if she knows the Style's Form Charm. These motes remain until spent or until the mortal stylist fails to properly execute the Style's Centering Ritual for the day.

These motes do not stack with other effects granting peripheral Essence pools (such as Exaltation). It functions perfectly well alongside effects that grant personal Essence pools, such as Prophet-Uplifting Evocation. As it is peripheral Essence, use of it causes minor environmental effects in the surrounding area - winds blow, dust, sand and dirt are stirred into the air, and small pebbles may levitate. Light may bend and waver around the martial artist, as if she were a burning flame, but this proto-anima display generates little if any light of its own.

Nascent Essence Wielders

Those characters who can only dabble in the usage of Essence have a more conscious rather than innate understanding of its flows, and do not recover motes of Essence during combat by default.

Certain beings - including humans - are able to surpass the limitations they were born with. Mortals who know the Form Charm of the Style they are Centered to may recover one mote of Essence per round while in combat. This is the limit for mortal aspiration - Charm dice can push them no further.

Competent Application of {Style}
Cost: 2m per die or 4m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 1
Type: Supplemental or Reflexive
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: {Style} Centering Ritual

Mortals do not have true excellencies, but the most superlative mortal stylists may, in their finest moments, call themselves peers of those Chosen who merely dabble in martial arts. The character may spend up to four motes on this Charm, either adding two dice to a Martial Arts roll or 1 to their Defense.

Each Style has its own Competent Application Charm, and for mortal stylists, it is an additional prerequisite to the style's Form Charm.

Centering Rituals

Mortal Centering rituals only exist for Styles whose Form Charms are Essence 1. The Difficulty is based on the MA prerequisite for the Form Charm. In addition to being easier, more accessible Styles have additional procedures to aid in Centering.

A properly geomantically aligned chamber in which to practice also reduces the Difficulty by 1. Such a chamber is typically represented as a Major Craft project, with the appropriate materials and services typically costing Resources ••••.

Snake Style: Wits + Brawl, Difficulty 4. The stylist must permit a pair of snakes to coil about her arms, wherein she must perform her strikes with such fluid perfection as to not disturb them. On a failure, the disrupted Essence angers the snakes to biting, causing 1 level of bashing damage. On a botch, her twisted Essence flows additionally disturb snakes, effectively preventing her from attempting to Center this Style for a week.

If the martial artist performs this ritual with poisonous snakes, she gains an automatic success on her roll, but angering them is far more dangerous. She takes 1L damage on a failure, and 3L on a botch.

Tiger Style: Strength + Athletics, Difficulty 4. The stylist practices extended, continual leaps, never ceasing in her motion even though no mortal tiger could hope to show such endurance. On a failure, she takes a -2 fatigue penalty to all rolls for the day. On a botch, she passes out from the stress, not waking for (10 - Stamina) hours, after which she is still fatigued.

If the Artist subsists only on water and raw meat for the previous day, she gains an automatic success on her Centering check.

White Reaper Style: Wits + Melee, Difficulty 4. The stylist spends the hour contemplating a single blade of wheat, at the end of which, she must sever a single grain with a single strike from her weapon, leaving the rest of the stalk unharmed. Failure disrupts her flow of Essence immensely - she cannot attempt this Centering Ritual again for a week. On a botch, she cannot attempt to Center White Reaper Style for a full year.

If the Artist personally sowed and reaped the blade of wheat that she is studying, she gains an automatic success on her Centering roll.

Ebon Shadow Style: Perception + Stealth, Difficulty 4. The Artist seals herself in pitch darkness, meditating on the nature of the shadow that engulfs her. Should the tiniest spark or ray of light disturb her meditation, the result is treated as a botch. On a failure, shadows cloud her vision, causing a -1 penalty on all rolls involving sight for the day. On a botch, she is blinded for the day, instead.

If the Artist has not seen the Sun's light in the previous day, she gains an automatic success on her Centering check.

Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style: Charisma + Performance, Difficulty 4. The stylist practices her song any time during the night. Though soft and simple, the training is arduous, and a failure renders her mute for the day - for three days on a botch.

If the martial artist can convince a nightingale to practice with her, she gains an automatic success on her Centering check.

Black Claw Style: Manipulation + Presence, Difficulty 4. The stylist spends one hour before sunrise performing careful exercises, postures, and stretches, that when relaxed give her a naturally demure look. They look more confident than the poses she takes in combat - an unenlightened observer would mistake it for any other exercise regimen. On a failure, one positive emotional Tie towards her degrades by one step. On a botch, all positive Ties towards her are diminished by one step.

If the martial artist rejected the advances of someone utterly infatuated with her in the previous day - someone with a Major or Defining Tie of love or lust towards her - she gains an automatic success on her Centering check. The rejection must be thorough enough that her suitor will not proposition her again until he is given some reason to think he has another chance - no sooner than a month at a minimum. If she ever consummates the affections of someone she has so rejected, it is treated as botching her Centering Ritual.

Steel Devil Style: Wits + Melee, Difficulty 5. The stylist spends the hour practicing dangerous katas with her weapons, honing her muscle memory that she may properly execute the Style's Charms. Failure means the martial artist takes two levels of lethal damage, a botch inflicts six levels of lethal damage.
Arena / Arena Character Creation Rules: Solars
To begin, I would like people to make straight, by-the-book Solar characters.

No house rules but for the following:

Permitted Supernatural Merits:

You can have up to five dots of the following:

  • Claws/Fangs/Hooves/Horns at the one-dot level only.
  • Enhanced Sense Sight or hearing only.
  • Extra Limbs Arms only
  • Tail Either version.
  • Unusual Hide If you take Giant, you may purchase one dot of this (representing additional mass / thick skin, etc.).
  • Wings Gliding only.

The idea here is that characters still look mostly human. Mostly.


Whatever resources level you purchase, you may have a single item one dot over your resources rating.

If you can make the item in question, your effective resources for that item is increased by (Your craft pool) / 5

Once you have made a character, post a thread with your character, and a rough weekly schedule of when you can be available. Hopefully we'll get enough people interested in this to get some familiarity with this.

Thank you for participating, everyone, and don't forget to play with the dieroller. : )
Exalted Talk / Exalted Dieroller Instructions
The Exalted roller functions in any channel save for the Lobby. It is complete for the core rules.

To roll, you type

/e {parameters}

Where {parameters} are one or more of the following (the order does not matter):

  • {number} of dice rolled, up to 99
  • +{number} of automatic successes (up to 99)
  • -{number} of penalized successes (up to 99)
  • r1 reroll 1s
  • r10 reroll 10s, counting successes
  • r{number} reroll {number}. Only works on numbers 2-9, can be used with r1 and r10. r- will set the reroll value to target number minus one.
  • t{number} target number. Defaults to 7, but hey, Sidereal shenanigans may happen.
  • d{number} where {number} is the doubling number. If omitted, 10s are not doubled.


/e 10 rolls ten dice.
/e 10 d rolls ten damage dice.
/e d 10 also rolls ten damage dice.
/e r1 10 rolls ten dice, rerolling 1s.
/e r6 10 d8 rolls ten dice, rerolling 6s, with double 8s
/e r6 10 d8 r10 rolls ten dice, rerolling 6s and 10s, with double 8s
/e r1 10 t6 d8 +14 -5 rolls ten dice, rerolling 1s, with double 8s, target number 6, 14 automatic successes, and 5 penalized successes.

Comments and suggestions welcome. Especially regarding color arrangements, but do keep the full screen in mind.

Go nuts, enjoy! : )
Exalted Talk / 3e - Principles of Charm Defense
So I started going through the various social brutal-fu Solar charms to come up with Principles that would defend against them.

The results strongly evoke personality traits; I thought people might find it interesting. These are of course only examples. As personality traits, societies may assign moral weight to them, but they do have their weak points.

I will not tolerate an unfair bargain against me. (Bureaucracy - Soul-snaring Pitch)

- The person who must always haggle every deal, even if it costs them more in time than they save in money. A perceived imbalance against them is a swindle, and a swindle is an insult. Dropping the last two words could reflect someone who is always honest in their dealings, even to their own detriment.

I shall keep my secrets and those entrusted to me. (Investigation - Irresistible Questioning Technique)

- A person who guards what secrets they know, regardless of source. They withhold information when it would benefit their cause, even in the face of hypocrisy.

I shall keep careful accounting of what is mine. (Larceny - Doubt-Stealing Heist)

- The sort of person who may not own much, but knows exactly what they have. If they own much, they are meticulous bookkeepers.

I will carefully follow procedures. (Linguistics - Moving the Unseen Hand)

- Inflexible bureaucrat. The sort of person who would arrest his own king for public drunkenness. Or obstruct an evacuation because a certain route is 'off limits'.

Claims against my having purpose have no merit. (Linguistics - Cup Boils Over)

- I can imagine an NPC so wrapped up in his own puffery that he becomes a valid target for this Charm, and yet manages to have a Principle that can help him resist it.

Life is best seen through a mortal's eyes. (Occult - Burning Exorcism Technique)

- While all of these are just examples, this one in particular - spirits having a reason for what they do, rather than just being. If they were compelled to perform an action, they might be fine with being forced out. Otherwise, they have an agenda.

I want to feel him/her again. (Occult - Burning Exorcism Technique)

- I think this one deserves a few more. This of course being the example for a ghost.

The mortal world is not worthy of my touch. (Occult - Spirit-Repelling Diagram)

- An insufferably arrogant spirit. Will never willingly manifest in Creation.

I will let no one in. (Occult - Soul Projection Method)

- This is a fundamental distrust of others. This intimacy could be used to attack every positive Tie they have to an individual or small group. It should be used as a counter to all attempts at forming positive intimacies.

I will not be swayed by the crowd around me. (Performance - Soul-Firing Performance)

- Being a hipster before it is cool.

I shall keep detailed track of my experiences. (Performance - Memory-Reweaving Discipline)

- Has a journal. Filled with details like "It was 110 paces to the Market this morning." Each day, every day. Raksha hate them. One morning, it is 109 paces. They stumble into a cart, and make a scene with the Mayor about how the village is shrinking.

I will not be roused to anger. (Performance - Fury-Inciting Speech)

- Serene, temperate. Perhaps unflappable. Might allow things to pass that really should not be permitted.

I will carefully consider my actions. (Performance - Infectious Zealotry Approach)

- Calm and collected, prone to hesitation.

I shall judge people solely on their own merits. (Performance - Plectral Harbinger's Approach)

- The sort of person who discounts what another has done because they had help or special privileges to get there. Dismissive in the face of achievement.

I will not be swayed by emotional appeals. (Performance - Heart-Compelling Method)

- Will come off as a bit cold, or perhaps shallow. They may express sympathy, but lack action to fulfill it.

I shall guard my emotions. (Performance - Shining Expression Style)

- A kind of inverse of the above. They may not express what they feel, but their actions may speak for them.

I will never lower my guard. (Performance - Winding Sinuous Motion)

- In stories, this person gets their guard cracked by manic pixie dream girl/guy. In practice people tend to just leave them to wallow in their own little world, as every interaction with them requires far too much effort.

Pretty moves and voices shall not sway me. (Performance - Monk-Seducing Demon Dance)

- Such a character may be distant, shy, or perhaps asexual.

I will be the sole arbiter of whom I give affection. (Performance - Thousand Courtesan Ways)

- The sort of person who thinks it is okay for them to initiate contact with others, but think that others initiating contact with them is wrong.

I shall not give in to fear. (Presence - Terrifying Apparition of Glory)

- Sometimes running is the better part of valor. Especially if mortal.

I will never forget my cause. (Presence - Mind-Wiping Gaze)

- Steadfast, resolute. Conviction. May end up not changing her mind when it is really the best option.

I shall never doubt myself. (Socialize - Doubt-Sowing Contention Method)

- This never leads anyone astray.

No one speaks for me. (Socialize - Effective Counterargument)

- This is the social equivalent of trying to disarm someone who is using Defend Other to protect you.

I will not heed hearsay. (Socialize - Venomous Rumors Technique)

- This applies to both strangers and trusted confidants. Sometimes the only evidence is words.

The least-seeming people are the most dangerous. (Stealth - Easily-Overlooked Presence Method)

- Paranoid, overtly suspicious of everyone who does not stand out. Will miss dramatic events in front of them because they are too fixated on mundane, genuinely innocent details.

I shall keep careful track of each person I see. (Stealth - Mental Invisibility Technique)

- Also paranoia. Will come off as a bit creepy.

My body is my own. (Stealth - Shadow Replacement Technique)

- There is a certain elegance to the idea that possession is a violation of the sort of trust involved in 'giving yourself to another'.

Martial artists have no wisdom to offer but empty platitudes. (Martial Arts - Humbling Enlightenment Commentary)

- Throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and all that.

No one may judge me. (Martial Arts - Righteous Devil Form)

- This is a narcissist.

A thief is a thief, no matter their claimed justification. (Martial Arts - Table-Turning Reversal)

- The kind of person who is never willing to consider mitigating circumstances.

Others' conflicts are none of my business. (Martial Arts - Outrage-Kindling Cry)

- Takes no responsibility for protecting or changing the world around them.

I shall always speak my mind. (Corrupted Words)

- The sort of thing that convinces a sorcerer someone deserves to vomit maggots whenever he try to state his opinion.

Never go for the obvious target. (Unconquered Guardian Defense)

- The kind of person who picks the second-best seeming deal, or the option after the first one fronted. This could be because they feel the most wanted one is likely to be a dupe, is obscuring something more important, or because they feel others would fight them for the most wanted choice.
Campaign - House Rules and Character Creation / Character Creation Rules (Solars)
1) Since this is 3rd Edition, only Solar Exalted are currently available for main characters.

2) Female characters only, per the original discussion of this. Player sex/gender is not a factor. Sex if it happens will occur offscreen, and if participants want they should make a roleplay on Elliquiy for it.

3) This is still fairly preliminary. Don't trust it too much yet. : )

The default assumption for Solar concepts is that your character will strive for absolute mastery of one subject. To be the best swordswoman or swordsmith. The best scholar or swindler. General or geisha. Not 'in Creation' (the world), but rather, anywhere. Ever.

Your character can of course dabble in a wide variety of fields, and in fact should do so. Her focus is her spotlight - where she shines brightest.

In any case, as mentioned previously and elsewhere, I and others can help walk you through character creation.

First, choose your character's Caste.

Castes are like archetype collections. They encompass several concepts rather than being restricted to one.

Try to keep other players' castes in mind, though we may end up with two or more of each.

Second, Abilities.

1) Choose Caste abilities. Each caste has 10 caste abilities, of which you select five as yours (warning, these are slightly altered from the book):

  • Dawn: Archery, Athletics, Brawl/Martial Arts, Dodge, Melee, Resistance, Ride, Sail, Thrown, War
  • Zenith: Awareness, Craft, Integrity, Lore, Medicine, Performance, Presence, Resistance, Survival, War
  • Twilight: Bureaucracy, Craft, Integrity, Investigation, Linguistics, Lore, Medicine, Melee, Stealth, Occult
  • Night: Archery, Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Investigation, Larceny, Performance, Stealth, Socialize, Thrown
  • Eclipse: Brawl/Martial Arts, Bureaucracy, Larceny, Linguistics, Occult, Presence, Ride, Sail, Socialize, Survival

2) From your Caste abilities, choose one as your Supernal ability.

Note: No more than one player in a Caste with a given Supernal ability. I redid the Caste abilities somewhat to ensure that each ability has two Castes, so if someone picks up the ability you want as a Supernal ability, it may still be available.

3) Choose five remaining abilities as Favored. These cannot be the same as your chosen Caste/Supernal abilities, but Caste abilities that you did not pick are fine.

4) Your Supernal ability begins rated at 6 dots (if your Supernal ability is Martial Arts or Craft, choose one).

Choose three abilities to begin at 4 dots. A four-dot ability can instead be 3 two-dot abilities or 5 one-dot abilities.

Choose eight abilities to begin at 3 dots. A three-dot ability can instead be divided into 3 one-dot abilities.
The end of the first Story involves some seriously bad juju thrown around, so be sure that Integrity is at least 3 after this step.

5) Lastly for this part, assign five Specialties.

Third, Attributes

1) Choose one group of Attributes (Mental / Physical / Social) as Primary, another as Secondary, and the last as Tertiary.

2) Assign 6/4/3 dots to your Primary attributes.

3) Assign 5/2/2 or 4/3/3 dots to your Secondary attributes.

4) Assign 4/2/1 or 3/3/2 dots to your Tertiary attributes.

5) Raise six dots worth of attributes by 1 dot, to a maximum of 5. So you could raise three two-dot attributes each to 3 (2/2/2 to 3/3/3), two three-dot attributes to 4 (3/3 to 4/4), 1/2/3 to 2/3/4, or 2/4 to 3/5.

Fourth, Merits

You have fifteen dots of Merits to assign.

All characters know Riverspeak for free. If Riverspeak is your native language, you may choose another language as a free language.

Selective Conception is free. You can opt not to take it, if you wish to 'risk' pregnancy at some point.

No flaws/hideousness allowed. The first Story is going to send PCs through the grinder as-is. If you want to play a character who ends up blind, you will get your chance soon enough.

The intent here is to limit the 'freak show' effect, especially considering a few people may be picking up the below merits.

Permitted Supernatural Merits:

You can have up to five dots of the following. Whatever the combination, your character still looks human, even if extremely exotic.

  • Claws/Fangs/Hooves/Horns at the one-dot level only.
  • Enhanced Sense Sight or hearing only. The implication here is that while it may be obvious, it's still not overtly inhuman. 'Elf' ears, luminescent eyes, etc.
  • Extra Limbs Arms only Limited
  • Giant This is unusual enough (especially for women) to count towards the limit. Impossible to disguise without magic. May purchase 'Unusual Hide' for 1 dot to represent additional size and tougher skin (this still counts against the limit). Limited
  • Tail Either version.
  • Wings Gliding only, but is five dots. Rather than automatic descent, (Stamina + Athletics) checks are made with a difficulty equal to the number of rounds aloft since descending a range band. Impossible to disguise without magic. These are wings that extend from your character's back but cannot support her full weight. Custom Athletics Charms can be developed to allow true flight, however. Limited

Before taking supernatural merits, keep in mind that mutation carries a very potent stigma. While the assumption for the game's purposes is that these are 'natural' - or at least not Wyld mutations, people are going to assume otherwise. Expect a penalty to some social rolls equal to points spent.

Limited: No more than one character with this normally. Two may be allowed if the players can work out a common origin.

Fifth, Charms

All characters get Integrity-Protecting Prana for free.

Select 20 other Charms, keeping in mind their requirements.

No more than five Charms, including Integrity-Protecting Prana, may be from non-Favored/Caste/Supernal abilities.

Sixth, Intimacies

Note: All characters will begin in or near the city of Nexus. Unless already familiar, you may want to read the post I'll put up on that first. You may want to anyway.

You must begin with at least seven intimacies, but no more than twelve.

Two of your intimacies must be defining intimacies. One or both of these should be Principles. I have written up a bunch of example principles here.

Two of your intimacies must be major intimacies. One or both of these should be Ties - people, places or things you have strong feelings toward.

Two of your intimacies must be positive ties to individual mortals in Nexus, one of which should be major or defining - can you save them?

One of your intimacies must be a negative tie to an individual mortal in Nexus - will you save them?

- A small group (a family instead of a person) can take the place of an individual for a Tie.

- These are far from the only people you know, but as the Nexus gets annihilated, you are only going to encounter a few of them, and only really have the ability to actively seek one out before mass panic takes over.

Network Servers / Network Launch (Actually for real this time)
So the Creative and Lobby Minecraft servers are now live on the Legends of a World Unbent server/network.

Minecraft address:
Lobby direct address:
Minecraft Version: 1.11.2

This is a whitelisted network. If you haven't already joined and posted your minecraft username to this thread, you will want to do so. I've double-checked, but if you've posted your name and you can't sign in, PM EsotericMyobi or myself.

This is an actual full-fledged Bungeecord network that Myobi and I have been playing with off and on since 2014.

For those unfamiliar with the software, it's not a single Minecraft server but rather a set of them linked together. They share the tablist, the chat, etc. So one person can be fooling around on one of the Survival servers, and they can hop over to see what their friend in one of the Creative servers is building, or vice-versa.

Not splitting the community was (and is) the primary goal here. If a server grows too popular, we can pull it from the global chat of course, but it will still be linked.

If you are from Elliquiy, Guilty Pleasures, or Blue Moon Roleplaying, and have good standing there, then approval will likely not be much of an issue.

Feel free to invite friends. The minimum age is 17. I am doing this to specifically break from the 'adult site host' mold. At the same time, this does not limit our own hijinks beyond what is already frowned upon in our forums. Don't post nudes, don't harass other members, etc.

* Note that access to the Mumble server will still be limited to those 18 and over, as normal. In the unlikely event this actually becomes an issue, we will setup a second mumble server.

I will be advertising this network more prominently once we start getting survival servers running, but my goal isn't really to run a major network. Ideally, something that could support the cost of its own midrange server pair would be ideal.

I am not going to make specific lists of rules. If you cross a line of common decency, you might get:

1) A polite request not to do something again

2) A not-so polite request, suggesting skepticism at any expressed remorse

3) An outright ban

Depending on how serious it is.

Currently live servers:

* The Lobby - Central hub server. You can also use /spawn in the lobby (in the event you get stuck somewhere or something).

* Communal/Creative - there's no complicated protection scheme here. There is LogBlock, to catch and potentially roll back potential griefing or other issues, and the area immediately around the spawn/portal region is protected from general editing. Beyond that, go nuts, work together, don't mess with independent structures off in the boondocks without permission.

* Flatland/Plotland - plot-based creative server. Worldedit included with most commands available. When you join, you'll see a 'Help!' hologram that lists basic commands and links to a couple of wiki pages that explain what you can do. The flags make it a bit like having your own server within a server. Members have the default basic permission and flag set.

* Semi-Vanilla
- Semi-vanilla is basically a term for Minecraft with a minimal set of plugins - providing only block protection and /home, /sethome, and /spawn.

In development:

* Game/event server. Have some leads on a cool way to do this >_>

* A plugin-heavy vanilla survival server. Include things like mcMMO, etc.

* A plugin-heavy challenge server. Like an ultra-hard mode.

* Modpack servers have been discussed. I am hoping that 1.11 will be around for long enough to get a solid mod backing for a pack.

All Creative and Survival servers have the following ability-granting commands:

* /sethome - sets your home waypoint
* /home - teleports you there (after a cooldown on Survival)
* /spawn - teleports you to server spawn (ditto).

Bungeecord also provides a few commands, which aren't shown in /help outside the lobby:

* /g Talk globally (network-wide) where global chat is disabled
* /l Talk locally (server only) when global chat is the default.
* /server by itself lists all servers you can access. /server servername lets you jump to that server.
Network Servers / Network Launch
So, it's finally ready. Or at least ready-ish. Staff will probably want to make some final touches, though I doubt the Lobby will ever truly be done. >_>

Server address will be announced publicly once Myobi is willing to put her stamp of approval on things. Meanwhile, you can ask to be whitelisted ahead of time.

Server List

Servers in various stages of proposal and completion. Each server will get its own thread for discussion.

Note that all worlds have basic a basic suite of protection plugins installed -

Creative: Effectively finished.
- Discussion Thread:

Flatland: Creative flatland server. Mostly finished save for some discussion items:
- Discussion Thread:

Easy: Survival server on normal difficulty, with loads of plugins (mcMMO, Races and Classes, many others. eventually want to include MagicSpells also). Almost ready.
- Discussion Thread:

Semi: Proposed survival server, if there is demand for it. Since 'Easy' and 'Hard' will be so plugin-heavy, I wanted to find if there was interest in a semi-vanilla map. Essentially the only gameplay modifications allowed are /home, /sethome, and /spawn. Much more straightforward than
- Discussion Thread:

Hard: Proposed survival server, many plugins like 'Easy', but with much more brutal settings.

Seventeen: 1.7.10 Modpack server. Not going to be able to work on this this week, probably not going to be ready until May. Not accessible from the Lobby, requires a direct connection, but global chat still functions.
- Modpack forum:

Individual adventure map and competition servers will also be a thing, but they'll need their own portals. Right now the ability to reset is somewhat limited, unfortunately, but I can easily create servers that reset e.g. every night, with advanced warning. Daily skyblock wars? Sure thing.

Discussion points:

1) What should the age limit for the network be? As I've mentioned, I really, really want to get out from under Elliquiy/Blue Moon's thumb. I'd prefer to avoid 'adult only'. On the other hand, we would have an easy time taking the 'largest adult Minecraft network' crown.

2) Which servers should we focus on after the main four (Creative, Flatland, Easy and Seventeen)? Outside of the creative servers (where hopping over to see what your friend is up to and doing whatever is a whopping two commands), I'm leery of fragmenting our player base too much. I'm much more keen on opening survival servers on an as-demanded basis. I'm leaning towards setting up Semi (since it's relatively straightforward and provides something more genuinely different) and leaving Hard out of the picture for now.

3) Should we implement regions? We have logblock, regular snapshots, and the survival servers will have LWC. Regions and/or town systems are fairly typical, but they are far from transparent. Normal players will never see LogBlock or snapshots interfere with anything they do, and LWC is almost as transparent.

Thoughts are welcome.
Network Servers / Post your minecraft username here for whitelisting!
So we can ad you quicklike : )

We still need you to post here (on the off chance that you changed your name, for example).

Moderators: All of you can add (and remove) members to/from the Whitelist, but only from the Lobby (because everything is symlinked to its list):

/whitelist add username


/whitelist remove username
- if you typo.

In order for members to log into other servers, their whitelist will need to be reloaded. I have the servers reloading the whitelist every five minutes, but if you're showing a member around, you may need to manually hit it on the first server they want to see:

/whitelist reload

You will need to be on that specific server, of course.

To check if someoneone is in the list, you can use

/whitelist list

to get a list of currently whitelisted members.

Network Servers / Network Command Reference
By default, all messages typed are sent globally across the network. This is one of those elements that's been very important to me, and that I wouldn't budge one when deciding what would go together in the finished setup. If things get active enough that we have to drop individual servers from global chat, that would be awesome.

Important commands:

/server [name]
- Sends you to the sever specified by [name], or lists servers you have access to if the server name is omitted. Useful if you don't care for exploring Myobi's tree. You monster.

- Displays server rules. Generally just don't make us regret whitelisting you.

- Teleports you to spawn on most servers.

/g [Text here]
- Where global chat is not the default (on adventure map or minigame servers, for example), /g lets you talk globally anyway.

/l [Text here]
- The opposite of the above, local chat on global servers.

/me Emote. Note that this is not currently sent globally, but I plan to do something about that.

[spoiler=Less important universal commands]
/afk - Set away from keyboard.

/motd - Display the message of the day that you see on login.

Commands common to all survival and creative servers.

/sethome Sets your character's home.

/home Teleports you to your home. Default 60 second cooldown. Creative has a 1 second warmup, survival servers have a 6 second warmup.

/spawn Teleports you to the server's spawn. Same warmup/cooldown as /home does.

Network Servers / Server Thread: Easy
Server Name: Easy
Difficulty: Normal
On-line: Restricted
Regions: Outposts Only
Worldgen: Largebiomes

Survival world with many plugins. 'Easy' because, well, players get a lot of goodies and only a few penalties.

Largely ready, but the intent is to develop it over time by fleshing out and balancing the plugins involved.
Network Servers / Server Thread: Flatland
Server Name: Flatland
Difficulty: Easy (monsters won't spawn naturally)
On-line: Yes
Regions: PlotSquared
Worldgen: Flat Plot

This is a flat, plot-based creative server.

Click on "Help!" at Flatland spawn for instructions on how to claim a plot and set a home warp.

Server Perks & Attributes:
  • Players are able to use WorldEdit commands.
  • Think of your plot as your own personal server within a server. You can do whatever you want to it, including changing the gamemode (survival, adventure, or creative) and permanently setting the time and weather to your preference.
  • Other players cannot build/break/interact with blocks on your plot without your express permission. Command may be found in the below links.
  • Players BEWARE! If you allow explosions on your plot, Veks may use it as cannon testing grounds. You've been warned.

Spawning creatures is enabled from eggs, but they will die if they wander onto the road.

Useful Links:


Network Servers / Server Thread: Communal
Server Name: Communal
Difficulty: Peaceful
On-line: Yes
Regions: Portal/spawn area only
Worldgen: Largebiomes


Players on the Communal server can talk to people peeking in on the Communal Dynmap by typing the /l command at the beginning of their message.

Player Commands:
  • /spawn - teleport to spawn
  • /sethome - sets your home
  • /home - teleport home

The intended theme for this server is that players work together to build something interesting and interconnected, so regions would get in the way more than they would on the Flatland server.

Need to work out some issues between the Citizens plugin, so approved people can make their own talking npcs.

I tested out GriefPrevention and other protection mods, but I think protecting the spawn is about all that's needed. We have LogBlock if we need it.

Open question:

1) NPCs using monster mob types will get auto-erased on peaceful difficulty, so moving to Easy may be desirable.