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Test Characters, feat. Solstice

So, my original plan was to make one of each Caste, eventually. Except then turns out Dawns can't be Supernal Riders, so there goes my Dawn for that setup.

I'll probably be leaving some blank spaces in ability, bonus point, merit, and/or charm expenditures, because these aren't really meant to be optimized, and presumably a "real" character would want to spend those on fluff or flex buys.

Now, speaking of Supernal Riders...

Crimson Rabbit

Caste: Dawn Night

Physical (8 )
Strength: 4
Dexterity: 5
Stamina: 3

Mental (6)
Perception: 4
Intelligence: 2
Wits: 3

Social (4)
Charisma: 3
Manipulation: 2
Appearance: 2

Essence: 1
Personal Essence: 13
Peripheral Essence: 33

Willpower: 5

Health Levels:
-0 x1
-1 x(2 + 2)
-2 x(2 + 4)
-4 x1
Incapacitated x1

Evasion: (5 + 5 + 1)/2 = 6 while mounted, 5 otherwise, +1 vs. being dismounted
Join Battle: (3 + 3) = 6

Intimacies include her horse, glorious battle, and not being pursued.


Archery (Mounted) 5
Athletics 1
Awareness 3
Dodge (Mounted) 5
Integrity 3
Linguistics 1
Presence 1
Resistance 3
Ride 5
War 1

Merits (7 / 10)
Resources 3
Pain Tolerance (4)

Charms (15 / 15)
Wise Arrow (Archery)
Sight Without Eyes (Archery)
Force Without Fire (Archery)
Durability of Oak Meditation (Resistance)
Ox-Body Technique x2 (Resistance)
Reed in the Wind (Dodge)
Dust Motes Whirling (Dodge)
Shadow Dancer Method (Dodge)

Master Horseman's Technique (1, 2, 4)
Harmonious Tacking Technique
Whirlwind Horse-Armoring Prana
Bard-Lightening Prana
Flashing Thunderbolt Steed
Elusive Mount Technique


Composite Bow (Lethal, Archery (Long), Mounted, Medium Weapon)
   Ranges (Attack): Close -2, Short +4, Long -0
   Damage: +9, Overwhelming 1
Buff Jacket (Armor, Light) [+3 Soak, -0 mobility penalty]
Heavy Barding (Horse Armor, Heavy) [-6 raw Decisive damage vs. horse, -2 Speed]
Scarlet Lagomorph [Horse]
   Essence 1, Willpower 4
   Health Levels: (-0 x1) (-1 x3) (-2 x3) (-4 x2) (Incap x1)
   Speed Bonus: +4
   Feats of Strength: 6 dice
   Senses: 5 dice
   Resolve 1, Guile 1
   Evasion 3, Parry 1

Expenses / Purchases / etc.
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She really wants to be a Dawn, but they don't get Ride as a Caste ability, and testing out the mounted combat mechanics (which perhaps didn't necessitate Supernal Ride, but certainly benefits from it) was more important than making the best Lu Bu joke possible.

Also, the formatting in here is definitely non-great, but meh.

Notes 2:
Combat-wise, this build's goal is to play keepaway with Archery. Per the rules in mounted combat, mounts typically aren't rolled into combat--which she likes just fine, hence why the "roll your mount into combat" charms are ignored. The horse's 3 Evasion isn't so bad when it can't be targeted by withering attacks and subtracts 6 raw damage from decisives. The horse, thus, becomes a glorified vehicle for her mobility charms.
   Beyond that, she can reflexively disengage with a +4 bonus, and against melee opponents wants to spend as much time as possible doing so, using her Dodge charms to prevent losing initiative when doing so.
   The build's biggest "weakness" in combat is that all those Rider charms don't do much against someone who can exchange ranged fire with her on even footing. It might be better, accordingly, to swap out either Force Without Fire (the keepaway game is pretty strong as-is) or one of the Ox-Bodies for There Is No Wind, allowing her to get up into Close range with other archers, and continually rush them if/when they try to get away.


Re: Test Characters, feat. Solstice

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Breath of Creation
Twilight Crafter

Caste: Twilight

Physical (6)
Strength: 3
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 3

Mental (8 )
Perception: 4
Intelligence: 5
Wits: 3

Social (4)
Charisma: 2
Manipulation: 3
Appearance: 2

Essence: 1
Personal Essence: 13
Peripheral Essence: 33

Willpower: 5

Health Levels:
-0 x1
-1 x (2 + 1)
-2x (2 + 2)
-4 x1
Incapacitated x1

Parry: (Dex+Melee)/2 + (WDB) = 4 + WDB
Evasion: (Dex+Dodge)/2 = 2
Join Battle: (Wits+Awareness) = 6


Athletics 1
Awareness 4
Craft (Weapons) 5
Craft (Armor) 1
Craft (Architecture) 1
Craft (Artifacts) 1
Integrity 3
Investigation 4
Linguistics 1
Lore 5
Medicine 1
Melee 5
Occult 5
Resistance 1
Socialize 1

Lore: Geography, Realm History
Craft: Repairs
Melee: Self-Made Weapons

Merits (8/10)
Artifact 3 (Bracers of Universal Crafting)
Linguistics 2 (Old Realm, Riverspeak) [Native: Low Realm]
Resources 2
Contacts 1
Eidetic Memory 2

Charms: (15 / 15)
Excellent Strike (Melee)
Fire and Stones Strike (Melee)
One Weapon, Two Blows (Melee)
Peony Blossom Technique (Melee)
Harmonious Academic Methodology (Lore)
Ox-Body Technique (Resistance)

Integrity-Protecting Prana (Integrity)

Arete-Shifting Prana
Supreme Celestial Focus
Brass Scales Falling
Red Anvils Ringing
Chains Fall Away
Craftsman Needs No Tools
Peerless Paragon of Craft
Supreme Perfection of Craft


Staff (Medium Weapon, Bashing, Melee, Reaching) [+2 Accuracy, +9 Damage, +1 Defense, Overwhelming 1)

Chain Short (Light Armor, +3 Soak, -0 mobility, Hardness 0)

Bracers of Universal Crafting (+4 to craft rolls involving fine manipulation)

Expenses, etc.
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