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NightOwl's Channel

Hey there! If you were playing "Color Cube" just a few hours ago, then you might recall how I said that Myobi had called me a certain thing in one of the rounds that we played.

So I figured I'd post the video of it here so people can get context on it more. So here is said video where she says it: Myobi calls Nighty mean names and we break the map.

I should also probably mention that I pretty much record everything, just because you never know when something funny might happen that you might want to remember. So here's a playlist of any events on here that I have done. Sometimes issues will happen with the footage or something just goes wrong so I don't have all of them.

Also a quick note, is if you see a video with you in it, and you wish for it to be taken down for ANY reason at all, just send me a message and I'll be happy to comply :3.

May 2014 - L'Brour Mansion
July 2014 - Five Layers
July 2014 - Dimension Jumper
August 2014 - Replica
September 2014 - Color Cube
October 2014 - Josi's B-Day Event-A-Thon!
October 2014 - The Building Game

{UNCUT} Videos:
{UNCUT} - July 2014 - Five Layers

I will keep this updated as stuff comes out. But since I release WAY too many videos, I'm just gonna update this with the ones from here. If you want updates on my other series then you'd have to just subscribe probably.

So looking back on that post made at early in the morning, I realized I had completely forgotten about the L'Brour Mansion videos I did with Myobi! I have added them in now. Also I'm thinking I may release uncut videos (these will be based on the day/game we play and will show all the things I cut from my videos) as unlisted (only those with a link can see) as little extras to add here. I may also upload my thumbnail images without any of the text and extra stuff in case if people shown in them want to use them for whatever reason.

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So I finally managed to render out some of the Uncut videos! First off we have the Five Layers that we did in July 2014. These videos are going up as unlisted so only people with the link will be able to view them. These videos are going up to show what happened outside of the videos I uploaded as there are some fun times in there. The first video is super long because I figured it'd be better to upload the whole day as one video. This was not a smart move as it took way too long to render and as such each video after will be split to make smaller parts.

{UNCUT} - July 2014 - Five Layers

I should also note that the only other series currently up that can have {UNCUT} videos of is when we did Color Cube.

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So recently we had Josi's B-Day Event-A-Thon, and I just now started posting videos for it. The videos started going up yesterday and should go up daily from there. There are 5 videos in total as such:

1. Five Layers
2. Color Cube
3. Replica
4. Five Layers - 2
5. Five Layers - 3

Here's the playlist for all of you who wish to view it!
October 2014 - Josi's B-Day Event-A-Thon!

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Hey all! I know I'm a little late with this post here, but...The building game we played in October with a Halloween theme are now up on my Youtube channel! I had to cut a good deal out of them to keep them short-ish since we had points where people were taking a long time and nothing was happening. Anyways here is the playlist for that:

October 2014 - The Building Game

And from what I heard, apparently a few people had heard from Myobi that I was, as she put it, AWOL. I'd like to just take this moment to state that I am fine. I was hospitalized on the previous Monday (the 27th) and didn't get out until just today. I made a video explaining the whole situation for those who wish to go further with it. I'd like to keep this thread free of talking about it though so if you'd like to discuss it please just message me. I want this thread to be about the videos posted that are from this community, not what happened to me. Thank you :3.

NightOwl's Hospitalization - Update Video