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Interesting 'bug'

So, there's this thing called an 'Entity Mover' in Random Things.  It's like the Golden Lasso, but allows you to move hostile mobs as well as peaceful.  While trying to redirect some slimes to my other smelter, I discovered an interesting quirk about it.

First, it doesn't seem to work on large slimes at all.  Tiny slimes behave as expected - the slime disappears, the Entity Mover glows, and when you click again, the slime respawns.

Medium slimes are weird.  You click on them with the device, and it 'picks up' the medium slime - but a number of tiny slimes spawn in its place as if you'd killed the slime.  When you click again, the medium slime reappears - potentially allowing for infinite slime generation at will.

EDIT:  Just confirmed this by respawning and recapturing  the same medium slime several times.  Each recapture generated between 2 and 4 tiny slimes.

(What - they're a good source of blood for those creepy Nether alloys!)
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