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Server Thread: Communal

Server Name: Communal
Difficulty: Peaceful
On-line: Yes
Regions: Portal/spawn area only
Worldgen: Largebiomes


Players on the Communal server can talk to people peeking in on the Communal Dynmap by typing the /l command at the beginning of their message.

Player Commands:
  • /spawn - teleport to spawn
  • /sethome - sets your home
  • /home - teleport home

The intended theme for this server is that players work together to build something interesting and interconnected, so regions would get in the way more than they would on the Flatland server.

Need to work out some issues between the Citizens plugin, so approved people can make their own talking npcs.

I tested out GriefPrevention and other protection mods, but I think protecting the spawn is about all that's needed. We have LogBlock if we need it.

Open question:

1) NPCs using monster mob types will get auto-erased on peaceful difficulty, so moving to Easy may be desirable.