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Server Thread: Flatland

Server Name: Flatland
Difficulty: Easy (monsters won't spawn naturally)
On-line: Yes
Regions: PlotSquared
Worldgen: Flat Plot

This is a flat, plot-based creative server.

Click on "Help!" at Flatland spawn for instructions on how to claim a plot and set a home warp.

Server Perks & Attributes:
  • Players are able to use WorldEdit commands.
  • Think of your plot as your own personal server within a server. You can do whatever you want to it, including changing the gamemode (survival, adventure, or creative) and permanently setting the time and weather to your preference.
  • Other players cannot build/break/interact with blocks on your plot without your express permission. Command may be found in the below links.
  • Players BEWARE! If you allow explosions on your plot, Veks may use it as cannon testing grounds. You've been warned.

Spawning creatures is enabled from eggs, but they will die if they wander onto the road.

Useful Links: