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Network Command Reference

By default, all messages typed are sent globally across the network. This is one of those elements that's been very important to me, and that I wouldn't budge one when deciding what would go together in the finished setup. If things get active enough that we have to drop individual servers from global chat, that would be awesome.

Important commands:

/server [name]
- Sends you to the sever specified by [name], or lists servers you have access to if the server name is omitted. Useful if you don't care for exploring Myobi's tree. You monster.

- Displays server rules. Generally just don't make us regret whitelisting you.

- Teleports you to spawn on most servers.

/g [Text here]
- Where global chat is not the default (on adventure map or minigame servers, for example), /g lets you talk globally anyway.

/l [Text here]
- The opposite of the above, local chat on global servers.

/me Emote. Note that this is not currently sent globally, but I plan to do something about that.

[spoiler=Less important universal commands]
/afk - Set away from keyboard.

/motd - Display the message of the day that you see on login.

Commands common to all survival and creative servers.

/sethome Sets your character's home.

/home Teleports you to your home. Default 60 second cooldown. Creative has a 1 second warmup, survival servers have a 6 second warmup.

/spawn Teleports you to the server's spawn. Same warmup/cooldown as /home does.