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Network Launch

So, it's finally ready. Or at least ready-ish. Staff will probably want to make some final touches, though I doubt the Lobby will ever truly be done. >_>

Server address will be announced publicly once Myobi is willing to put her stamp of approval on things. Meanwhile, you can ask to be whitelisted ahead of time.

Server List

Servers in various stages of proposal and completion. Each server will get its own thread for discussion.

Note that all worlds have basic a basic suite of protection plugins installed -

Creative: Effectively finished.
- Discussion Thread:

Flatland: Creative flatland server. Mostly finished save for some discussion items:
- Discussion Thread:

Easy: Survival server on normal difficulty, with loads of plugins (mcMMO, Races and Classes, many others. eventually want to include MagicSpells also). Almost ready.
- Discussion Thread:

Semi: Proposed survival server, if there is demand for it. Since 'Easy' and 'Hard' will be so plugin-heavy, I wanted to find if there was interest in a semi-vanilla map. Essentially the only gameplay modifications allowed are /home, /sethome, and /spawn. Much more straightforward than
- Discussion Thread:

Hard: Proposed survival server, many plugins like 'Easy', but with much more brutal settings.

Seventeen: 1.7.10 Modpack server. Not going to be able to work on this this week, probably not going to be ready until May. Not accessible from the Lobby, requires a direct connection, but global chat still functions.
- Modpack forum:

Individual adventure map and competition servers will also be a thing, but they'll need their own portals. Right now the ability to reset is somewhat limited, unfortunately, but I can easily create servers that reset e.g. every night, with advanced warning. Daily skyblock wars? Sure thing.

Discussion points:

1) What should the age limit for the network be? As I've mentioned, I really, really want to get out from under Elliquiy/Blue Moon's thumb. I'd prefer to avoid 'adult only'. On the other hand, we would have an easy time taking the 'largest adult Minecraft network' crown.

2) Which servers should we focus on after the main four (Creative, Flatland, Easy and Seventeen)? Outside of the creative servers (where hopping over to see what your friend is up to and doing whatever is a whopping two commands), I'm leery of fragmenting our player base too much. I'm much more keen on opening survival servers on an as-demanded basis. I'm leaning towards setting up Semi (since it's relatively straightforward and provides something more genuinely different) and leaving Hard out of the picture for now.

3) Should we implement regions? We have logblock, regular snapshots, and the survival servers will have LWC. Regions and/or town systems are fairly typical, but they are far from transparent. Normal players will never see LogBlock or snapshots interfere with anything they do, and LWC is almost as transparent.

Thoughts are welcome.

Re: Network Launch

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1)  Not so much because of potentially 'adult talk', but because of overall maturity levels, I'd prefer keeping an age limit of some sort.  Maybe a more flexible one if a person is known to be a 'community player' (would require vouching by another existing member, that sort of thing.)

2) I'd be fine keeping it at the main four until/unless there's a need for something more. 

3) I have no idea what 'regions' are with respect to Minecraft.
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Re: Network Launch

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You know more than most the path running E led me down. I'd be fine with a "We expect you to act like a responsible member of cybersociety." blurb, personally. If someone is a jerk, we boot them and move on. Mumble will of course continue to be age restricted.

For our purposes (you can do quite a bit with them) regions are build restricted zones. You log in, 'claim' a region, go there and build, without worry of griefing. It makes working together more complicated though, and it seems like it's a bit anathema to community development.

Re: Network Launch

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Yeah - regions probably aren't necessary if we've got people who don't grief.  I think I'd rather keep the server 'open' in that respect.

As for the age limit - could possibly have a 'soft limit' at 17 or 18, with a 'hard limit' a few years younger if a person is brought in?  I'm just throwing ideas around at this point.
I am not a number.  I am a random variable!

Re: Network Launch

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I don't think it needs to be adult or mature in the inuenditive sense, but I do like to play with people who aren't quite as childish.

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I'm leery of fragmenting our player base too much.

That's my main concern as well.  There always seems to be a pattern of an initial rush of frenetic activity, followed by people disappearing, one by one, as they begin to lose interest.   Not that I don't love the variety, but I'm a bit worried that we'll spread the E Minecraft community (which is small enough as it is) too thin.

Re: Network Launch

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I intend to advertise this network elsewhere - on other Minecraft forums, subreddits, and so on. It's not 'Elliquiy affiliated'. I rather desperately need to get away from that, for my own mental health if nothing else.

I want this to stand on its own two feet. I need it to, personally.

There are probably people who are going to be unhappy about that and I apologize; my entire life cannot revolve around E.

Re: Network Launch

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I intend to advertise this network elsewhere - on other Minecraft forums, subreddits, and so on. It's not 'Elliquiy affiliated'.

No problem with that at all.  And I'll be glad to add it to my sigs on my MC forum accounts once we decide on the limits.  (And if I can remember what styles certain friends play, I'll be pimping it out in that direction as well.)
I am not a number.  I am a random variable!

Re: Network Launch

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Ah! I see.  In that case, fire away!