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Network Launch (Actually for real this time)

So the Creative and Lobby Minecraft servers are now live on the Legends of a World Unbent server/network.

Minecraft address:
Lobby direct address:
Minecraft Version: 1.11.2

This is a whitelisted network. If you haven't already joined and posted your minecraft username to this thread, you will want to do so. I've double-checked, but if you've posted your name and you can't sign in, PM EsotericMyobi or myself.

This is an actual full-fledged Bungeecord network that Myobi and I have been playing with off and on since 2014.

For those unfamiliar with the software, it's not a single Minecraft server but rather a set of them linked together. They share the tablist, the chat, etc. So one person can be fooling around on one of the Survival servers, and they can hop over to see what their friend in one of the Creative servers is building, or vice-versa.

Not splitting the community was (and is) the primary goal here. If a server grows too popular, we can pull it from the global chat of course, but it will still be linked.

If you are from Elliquiy, Guilty Pleasures, or Blue Moon Roleplaying, and have good standing there, then approval will likely not be much of an issue.

Feel free to invite friends. The minimum age is 17. I am doing this to specifically break from the 'adult site host' mold. At the same time, this does not limit our own hijinks beyond what is already frowned upon in our forums. Don't post nudes, don't harass other members, etc.

* Note that access to the Mumble server will still be limited to those 18 and over, as normal. In the unlikely event this actually becomes an issue, we will setup a second mumble server.

I will be advertising this network more prominently once we start getting survival servers running, but my goal isn't really to run a major network. Ideally, something that could support the cost of its own midrange server pair would be ideal.

I am not going to make specific lists of rules. If you cross a line of common decency, you might get:

1) A polite request not to do something again

2) A not-so polite request, suggesting skepticism at any expressed remorse

3) An outright ban

Depending on how serious it is.

Currently live servers:

* The Lobby - Central hub server. You can also use /spawn in the lobby (in the event you get stuck somewhere or something).

* Communal/Creative - there's no complicated protection scheme here. There is LogBlock, to catch and potentially roll back potential griefing or other issues, and the area immediately around the spawn/portal region is protected from general editing. Beyond that, go nuts, work together, don't mess with independent structures off in the boondocks without permission.

* Flatland/Plotland - plot-based creative server. Worldedit included with most commands available. When you join, you'll see a 'Help!' hologram that lists basic commands and links to a couple of wiki pages that explain what you can do. The flags make it a bit like having your own server within a server. Members have the default basic permission and flag set.

* Semi-Vanilla
- Semi-vanilla is basically a term for Minecraft with a minimal set of plugins - providing only block protection and /home, /sethome, and /spawn.

In development:

* Game/event server. Have some leads on a cool way to do this >_>

* A plugin-heavy vanilla survival server. Include things like mcMMO, etc.

* A plugin-heavy challenge server. Like an ultra-hard mode.

* Modpack servers have been discussed. I am hoping that 1.11 will be around for long enough to get a solid mod backing for a pack.

All Creative and Survival servers have the following ability-granting commands:

* /sethome - sets your home waypoint
* /home - teleports you there (after a cooldown on Survival)
* /spawn - teleports you to server spawn (ditto).

Bungeecord also provides a few commands, which aren't shown in /help outside the lobby:

* /g Talk globally (network-wide) where global chat is disabled
* /l Talk locally (server only) when global chat is the default.
* /server by itself lists all servers you can access. /server servername lets you jump to that server.