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Character Creation Rules (Solars)

1) Since this is 3rd Edition, only Solar Exalted are currently available for main characters.

2) Female characters only, per the original discussion of this. Player sex/gender is not a factor. Sex if it happens will occur offscreen, and if participants want they should make a roleplay on Elliquiy for it.

3) This is still fairly preliminary. Don't trust it too much yet. : )

The default assumption for Solar concepts is that your character will strive for absolute mastery of one subject. To be the best swordswoman or swordsmith. The best scholar or swindler. General or geisha. Not 'in Creation' (the world), but rather, anywhere. Ever.

Your character can of course dabble in a wide variety of fields, and in fact should do so. Her focus is her spotlight - where she shines brightest.

In any case, as mentioned previously and elsewhere, I and others can help walk you through character creation.

First, choose your character's Caste.

Castes are like archetype collections. They encompass several concepts rather than being restricted to one.

Try to keep other players' castes in mind, though we may end up with two or more of each.

Second, Abilities.

1) Choose Caste abilities. Each caste has 10 caste abilities, of which you select five as yours (warning, these are slightly altered from the book):

  • Dawn: Archery, Athletics, Brawl/Martial Arts, Dodge, Melee, Resistance, Ride, Sail, Thrown, War
  • Zenith: Awareness, Craft, Integrity, Lore, Medicine, Performance, Presence, Resistance, Survival, War
  • Twilight: Bureaucracy, Craft, Integrity, Investigation, Linguistics, Lore, Medicine, Melee, Stealth, Occult
  • Night: Archery, Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Investigation, Larceny, Performance, Stealth, Socialize, Thrown
  • Eclipse: Brawl/Martial Arts, Bureaucracy, Larceny, Linguistics, Occult, Presence, Ride, Sail, Socialize, Survival

2) From your Caste abilities, choose one as your Supernal ability.

Note: No more than one player in a Caste with a given Supernal ability. I redid the Caste abilities somewhat to ensure that each ability has two Castes, so if someone picks up the ability you want as a Supernal ability, it may still be available.

3) Choose five remaining abilities as Favored. These cannot be the same as your chosen Caste/Supernal abilities, but Caste abilities that you did not pick are fine.

4) Your Supernal ability begins rated at 6 dots (if your Supernal ability is Martial Arts or Craft, choose one).

Choose three abilities to begin at 4 dots. A four-dot ability can instead be 3 two-dot abilities or 5 one-dot abilities.

Choose eight abilities to begin at 3 dots. A three-dot ability can instead be divided into 3 one-dot abilities.
The end of the first Story involves some seriously bad juju thrown around, so be sure that Integrity is at least 3 after this step.

5) Lastly for this part, assign five Specialties.

Third, Attributes

1) Choose one group of Attributes (Mental / Physical / Social) as Primary, another as Secondary, and the last as Tertiary.

2) Assign 6/4/3 dots to your Primary attributes.

3) Assign 5/2/2 or 4/3/3 dots to your Secondary attributes.

4) Assign 4/2/1 or 3/3/2 dots to your Tertiary attributes.

5) Raise six dots worth of attributes by 1 dot, to a maximum of 5. So you could raise three two-dot attributes each to 3 (2/2/2 to 3/3/3), two three-dot attributes to 4 (3/3 to 4/4), 1/2/3 to 2/3/4, or 2/4 to 3/5.

Fourth, Merits

You have fifteen dots of Merits to assign.

All characters know Riverspeak for free. If Riverspeak is your native language, you may choose another language as a free language.

Selective Conception is free. You can opt not to take it, if you wish to 'risk' pregnancy at some point.

No flaws/hideousness allowed. The first Story is going to send PCs through the grinder as-is. If you want to play a character who ends up blind, you will get your chance soon enough.

The intent here is to limit the 'freak show' effect, especially considering a few people may be picking up the below merits.

Permitted Supernatural Merits:

You can have up to five dots of the following. Whatever the combination, your character still looks human, even if extremely exotic.

  • Claws/Fangs/Hooves/Horns at the one-dot level only.
  • Enhanced Sense Sight or hearing only. The implication here is that while it may be obvious, it's still not overtly inhuman. 'Elf' ears, luminescent eyes, etc.
  • Extra Limbs Arms only Limited
  • Giant This is unusual enough (especially for women) to count towards the limit. Impossible to disguise without magic. May purchase 'Unusual Hide' for 1 dot to represent additional size and tougher skin (this still counts against the limit). Limited
  • Tail Either version.
  • Wings Gliding only, but is five dots. Rather than automatic descent, (Stamina + Athletics) checks are made with a difficulty equal to the number of rounds aloft since descending a range band. Impossible to disguise without magic. These are wings that extend from your character's back but cannot support her full weight. Custom Athletics Charms can be developed to allow true flight, however. Limited

Before taking supernatural merits, keep in mind that mutation carries a very potent stigma. While the assumption for the game's purposes is that these are 'natural' - or at least not Wyld mutations, people are going to assume otherwise. Expect a penalty to some social rolls equal to points spent.

Limited: No more than one character with this normally. Two may be allowed if the players can work out a common origin.

Fifth, Charms

All characters get Integrity-Protecting Prana for free.

Select 20 other Charms, keeping in mind their requirements.

No more than five Charms, including Integrity-Protecting Prana, may be from non-Favored/Caste/Supernal abilities.

Sixth, Intimacies

Note: All characters will begin in or near the city of Nexus. Unless already familiar, you may want to read the post I'll put up on that first. You may want to anyway.

You must begin with at least seven intimacies, but no more than twelve.

Two of your intimacies must be defining intimacies. One or both of these should be Principles. I have written up a bunch of example principles here.

Two of your intimacies must be major intimacies. One or both of these should be Ties - people, places or things you have strong feelings toward.

Two of your intimacies must be positive ties to individual mortals in Nexus, one of which should be major or defining - can you save them?

One of your intimacies must be a negative tie to an individual mortal in Nexus - will you save them?

- A small group (a family instead of a person) can take the place of an individual for a Tie.

- These are far from the only people you know, but as the Nexus gets annihilated, you are only going to encounter a few of them, and only really have the ability to actively seek one out before mass panic takes over.