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3e - Principles of Charm Defense

So I started going through the various social brutal-fu Solar charms to come up with Principles that would defend against them.

The results strongly evoke personality traits; I thought people might find it interesting. These are of course only examples. As personality traits, societies may assign moral weight to them, but they do have their weak points.

I will not tolerate an unfair bargain against me. (Bureaucracy - Soul-snaring Pitch)

- The person who must always haggle every deal, even if it costs them more in time than they save in money. A perceived imbalance against them is a swindle, and a swindle is an insult. Dropping the last two words could reflect someone who is always honest in their dealings, even to their own detriment.

I shall keep my secrets and those entrusted to me. (Investigation - Irresistible Questioning Technique)

- A person who guards what secrets they know, regardless of source. They withhold information when it would benefit their cause, even in the face of hypocrisy.

I shall keep careful accounting of what is mine. (Larceny - Doubt-Stealing Heist)

- The sort of person who may not own much, but knows exactly what they have. If they own much, they are meticulous bookkeepers.

I will carefully follow procedures. (Linguistics - Moving the Unseen Hand)

- Inflexible bureaucrat. The sort of person who would arrest his own king for public drunkenness. Or obstruct an evacuation because a certain route is 'off limits'.

Claims against my having purpose have no merit. (Linguistics - Cup Boils Over)

- I can imagine an NPC so wrapped up in his own puffery that he becomes a valid target for this Charm, and yet manages to have a Principle that can help him resist it.

Life is best seen through a mortal's eyes. (Occult - Burning Exorcism Technique)

- While all of these are just examples, this one in particular - spirits having a reason for what they do, rather than just being. If they were compelled to perform an action, they might be fine with being forced out. Otherwise, they have an agenda.

I want to feel him/her again. (Occult - Burning Exorcism Technique)

- I think this one deserves a few more. This of course being the example for a ghost.

The mortal world is not worthy of my touch. (Occult - Spirit-Repelling Diagram)

- An insufferably arrogant spirit. Will never willingly manifest in Creation.

I will let no one in. (Occult - Soul Projection Method)

- This is a fundamental distrust of others. This intimacy could be used to attack every positive Tie they have to an individual or small group. It should be used as a counter to all attempts at forming positive intimacies.

I will not be swayed by the crowd around me. (Performance - Soul-Firing Performance)

- Being a hipster before it is cool.

I shall keep detailed track of my experiences. (Performance - Memory-Reweaving Discipline)

- Has a journal. Filled with details like "It was 110 paces to the Market this morning." Each day, every day. Raksha hate them. One morning, it is 109 paces. They stumble into a cart, and make a scene with the Mayor about how the village is shrinking.

I will not be roused to anger. (Performance - Fury-Inciting Speech)

- Serene, temperate. Perhaps unflappable. Might allow things to pass that really should not be permitted.

I will carefully consider my actions. (Performance - Infectious Zealotry Approach)

- Calm and collected, prone to hesitation.

I shall judge people solely on their own merits. (Performance - Plectral Harbinger's Approach)

- The sort of person who discounts what another has done because they had help or special privileges to get there. Dismissive in the face of achievement.

I will not be swayed by emotional appeals. (Performance - Heart-Compelling Method)

- Will come off as a bit cold, or perhaps shallow. They may express sympathy, but lack action to fulfill it.

I shall guard my emotions. (Performance - Shining Expression Style)

- A kind of inverse of the above. They may not express what they feel, but their actions may speak for them.

I will never lower my guard. (Performance - Winding Sinuous Motion)

- In stories, this person gets their guard cracked by manic pixie dream girl/guy. In practice people tend to just leave them to wallow in their own little world, as every interaction with them requires far too much effort.

Pretty moves and voices shall not sway me. (Performance - Monk-Seducing Demon Dance)

- Such a character may be distant, shy, or perhaps asexual.

I will be the sole arbiter of whom I give affection. (Performance - Thousand Courtesan Ways)

- The sort of person who thinks it is okay for them to initiate contact with others, but think that others initiating contact with them is wrong.

I shall not give in to fear. (Presence - Terrifying Apparition of Glory)

- Sometimes running is the better part of valor. Especially if mortal.

I will never forget my cause. (Presence - Mind-Wiping Gaze)

- Steadfast, resolute. Conviction. May end up not changing her mind when it is really the best option.

I shall never doubt myself. (Socialize - Doubt-Sowing Contention Method)

- This never leads anyone astray.

No one speaks for me. (Socialize - Effective Counterargument)

- This is the social equivalent of trying to disarm someone who is using Defend Other to protect you.

I will not heed hearsay. (Socialize - Venomous Rumors Technique)

- This applies to both strangers and trusted confidants. Sometimes the only evidence is words.

The least-seeming people are the most dangerous. (Stealth - Easily-Overlooked Presence Method)

- Paranoid, overtly suspicious of everyone who does not stand out. Will miss dramatic events in front of them because they are too fixated on mundane, genuinely innocent details.

I shall keep careful track of each person I see. (Stealth - Mental Invisibility Technique)

- Also paranoia. Will come off as a bit creepy.

My body is my own. (Stealth - Shadow Replacement Technique)

- There is a certain elegance to the idea that possession is a violation of the sort of trust involved in 'giving yourself to another'.

Martial artists have no wisdom to offer but empty platitudes. (Martial Arts - Humbling Enlightenment Commentary)

- Throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and all that.

No one may judge me. (Martial Arts - Righteous Devil Form)

- This is a narcissist.

A thief is a thief, no matter their claimed justification. (Martial Arts - Table-Turning Reversal)

- The kind of person who is never willing to consider mitigating circumstances.

Others' conflicts are none of my business. (Martial Arts - Outrage-Kindling Cry)

- Takes no responsibility for protecting or changing the world around them.

I shall always speak my mind. (Corrupted Words)

- The sort of thing that convinces a sorcerer someone deserves to vomit maggots whenever he try to state his opinion.

Never go for the obvious target. (Unconquered Guardian Defense)

- The kind of person who picks the second-best seeming deal, or the option after the first one fronted. This could be because they feel the most wanted one is likely to be a dupe, is obscuring something more important, or because they feel others would fight them for the most wanted choice.