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September 17, 2019, 04:58:04 PM
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Author Topic: Exalted Dieroller Instructions  (Read 4069 times)

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Exalted Dieroller Instructions
« on: October 29, 2015, 12:01:16 AM »
The Exalted roller functions in any channel save for the Lobby. It is complete for the core rules.

To roll, you type

/e {parameters}

Where {parameters} are one or more of the following (the order does not matter):

  • {number} of dice rolled, up to 99
  • +{number} of automatic successes (up to 99)
  • -{number} of penalized successes (up to 99)
  • r1 reroll 1s
  • r10 reroll 10s, counting successes
  • r{number} reroll {number}. Only works on numbers 2-9, can be used with r1 and r10. r- will set the reroll value to target number minus one.
  • t{number} target number. Defaults to 7, but hey, Sidereal shenanigans may happen.
  • d{number} where {number} is the doubling number. If omitted, 10s are not doubled.


/e 10 rolls ten dice.
/e 10 d rolls ten damage dice.
/e d 10 also rolls ten damage dice.
/e r1 10 rolls ten dice, rerolling 1s.
/e r6 10 d8 rolls ten dice, rerolling 6s, with double 8s
/e r6 10 d8 r10 rolls ten dice, rerolling 6s and 10s, with double 8s
/e r1 10 t6 d8 +14 -5 rolls ten dice, rerolling 1s, with double 8s, target number 6, 14 automatic successes, and 5 penalized successes.

Comments and suggestions welcome. Especially regarding color arrangements, but do keep the full screen in mind.

Go nuts, enjoy! : )
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Re: Exalted Dieroller Instructions
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2015, 06:02:45 PM »
Other Useful Commands

I've written a 'secrets' manager to handle those sorts of situations where you need to visibly hide something beforehand and then reveal it after someone else does something.

/secret {id} {your secret message here} - Stores a secret. It's unique to you. {id} is a single digit, or a letter from a to j. Secrets are channel specific - so a secret you store in the Arena won't apply to the Lobby, Roleplaying or Campaign channels.


/secret a rocks

Will put 'rocks' into 'a'.

/secret list

Will list your secrets in the specified channel.

/secret clear

Running this will give instructions. /secret clear a will clear secret a, etc. all for all.

/reveal a

Will reveal the contents of 'a' to the room.

Important Note: Secrets are stored compressed, which means it's not trivial for me to read them, and lets them be a bit longer. Still, they're not exactly encrypted, and their explicit purpose is to be revealed at a later time. If need be commands will be added to allow force-revealing.

Likewise, don't put anything of importance in them. There will also be purge commands, etc.

Other useful commands

Just about everyone finds out about the /roll command. It's a typical dieroller. /roll 1d20 and whatnot.

/nick {nickname} will probably see more use. You can use it to assume your PC's name, etc.

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