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After the Flood (open spitballing idea thread for a modpack.)

Little Oni and I were discussing modpacks today, and I wanted to put ideas down - but this is definitely not ready for 'prime time' and the Minecraft/FTB forums yet.

Background:  The world of Minecraftia had reached its technological peak, but the people had forgotten all that they had to be thankful for.  Everything that they wanted was available at the touch of a button, or an AE Crafting Terminal.  They had become lazy and demanding, and this rang harshly on the spirits of the Lands Beyond.  So, the vengeful Oni destroyed the world and flooded it, leaving no trace of humanity behind.  Only the benevolent Angel of Cupcakes could stand against this force, saving the Player with a slowly spreading small raft of lily pads.

Research needed:
Way to make lily pads spread, but not too quickly or densely.  'Game of Life' mechanic without 'death zones' Better idea - some kind of item that acts like bonemeal on water sources (spawns random assortment of 'water plants' in a 7x7 area centered on a source block).  Should be renewable.
  • Idea 1: Introduce new plant (Water Lily) that looks like a lily pad with a flower.  This item 'crafts' into fertilizer like bones into bonemeal (1:3)
    • Advantage: Separate items for composting and for composting.
    • Disadvantage:Must create Water Lily, fertilizer and recipe.  Will need to adjust Water Lily spawn rate in 'bonemealing' so player doesn't run out.
  • Idea 2: Fertilizer is crafted from lily pad+fish?  (1:1:6?)Player is started out with a small stockpile, or receives small stockpile as a reward.
    • Advantage: Only need to create one new item and recipe.  Fully renewable.
    • Disadvantage: Requires fishing to sustain after initial stock runs out.

Modify 'bonemeal' mechanic for fertilizer item.
Way to create 'Waterworld' (1 layer bedrock, 65 layers water) while still having biomes.

Farming lily pads - player must turn in small number of lily pads (enough to prove that they can farm them sustainably).  Receive Ex Nihilo composting barrel and 1 sapling.
Farming dirt - Player composts lily pads into dirt.  (Verified.)  Can be used to build island. Receive modest supply of food.
Farming trees - With sufficient dirt, player can plant tree and harvest saplings.  Additional trees can be infested with silkworms for string.  (Fishing is now possible)
Farming crops - With string, player can create sieve to sift dirt for supplies/seeds/stone.
Farming stone - With sufficient stone, more equipment can be made.
Farming ores - Magical crops?  Or automate cobblestone/hammering/sifting?
Other mods?
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