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Safe Obsidian mining

Ever been mining obsidian and had it fall into the lava beneath it?  Or had a mob come up behind you when you were just about to finish the block and knock you off target?  Here's a sneaky trick for gathering obsidian in perfect safety.

First thing you're going to need is a one-block deep pit in a safe area, and a bunch of buckets.  Ideally, the number of buckets should match the size of your pit, but this trick will still work with fewer buckets - it'll just take a little more back-and-forth with step three. 

Step two:  Find a lava source, and fill all your buckets. 

Step three: Go back to your pit and empty your buckets.  Repeat until the pit is full.

Step four:  Pour a bucket of water over the lava, turning it all into lovely obsidian.

Step five:  Mine out in complete safety from both mobs and hidden lava.

If you are planning on making a structure (for example, a portal or wall), the mining aspect can be completely eliminated by building a hollow dirt frame around where you want the obsidian, one layer at a time.  Fill in a layer of lava, soak it with water, and then remove the water and build the next dirt layer.
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Re: Safe Obsidian mining

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It doesn't protect you from mobs, but if you put a source block of water next to the obsidian you're mining, you can safely mine it that way too.  When it pops out and there's lava beneath, the water scoots under the block, turns the lava to obsidian all before the mined block can hit the lava. ^_^  Maybe build some walls around yourself with torches to prevent mobs?